Launch of Testing Ground 02: Other Sides

The second issue of TESTING-GROUND journal will be launched on Thursday 27 June at the University of Greenwich as part of the London Festival of Architecture. TESTING-GROUND is a design research journal focused on research, experimentation and design of landscapes, cities and territories. The second issue is titled ‘Other Sides’ and features contributions by Eyal Weizman, Léopold Lambert, Jens Haendeler, Alex Ioannou, Anushka Athique, Iulia Fratila, James M. Nelson, Carmel Keren, Sophie Maguire, Yael Bar-Maor, Haya Mani, Laila Murad, Yiannis Papadakis, Alexandru Malaescu and Ed Wall. The issue is focused on concepts, structures, devices and spaces which define or integrate difference.

After the launch, TESTING-GOUND 02: Other Sides will be available online and in bookshops in London.

Date: Thursday 27 June

Time: 6:00pm

Location: University of Greenwich, 10 Stockwell Street, Lecture Theatre 0004


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