In about 5 billion years  the Sun is expected to become a red giant that will expand to engulf the Earth, wiping out all life. Within the next 15,000 years, the precession of the Earth’s poles may move the North African Monsoon far enough north to transform the Sahara Desert into a tropical rainforest. Shifting baselines over the last two centuries have masked rapid declines in biodiversity and an accelerating climate crisis. In contrast, today, the decisions that define our worlds are limited by political terms, news cycles, and quarterly profits – facilitated by accelerating technologies and challenged by shortening attention spans. However, what if we collectively commit to dimensions of time, energy, and distance outside of our current understanding? How could these alternative perspectives reshape our worlds?

Supra Scalar, the fourth issue of TESTING-GROUND, explores landscapes at extremes of time and space. Questioning the knowledge and methodologies needed to engage with unfamiliar temporalities, with landscapes beyond conventional lines of sight, and with worlds accepted as less-than-human.

Accepting proposals for articles until 11th March. Proposals should include an abstract of approximately 200 words and an A4 image/sketch accompanied by a short biography. The deadline for final submissions will be 13th May 2022 at testinggroundjournal@gmail.com

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Young people are founding movements against injustices. Teenagers are lobbying their politicians to add climate change to the curriculum. Children are walking out on classes to participate in demonstrations and strikes. There is increasing concern that global elders have failed to address – and in many cases exacerbated – social, economic, and ecological inequities. Urgent, uninhibited, and technically proficient – you can’t fool the children of the revolution. When it comes to the creation of environmentally just and hopeful worlds, young people are proving their worth and the future is in their hands … or is it?

[Issue 03: Youthhood is available here]