Matthew Skjonsberg

Matthew Skjonsberg, architect and urban designer, is a PhD researcher (on the theme of Periodicity and Rural Urban Dynamics) and a founding member of the Laboratory of Urbanism at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology-Lausanne. He is also a researcher at New York University’s Institute of Public Knowledge where he is working with Richard Sennett on the UN Habitat III program for 2016. He previously studied at Taliesin, The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, and at ETH-Zurich, founded collab architecture in 2000 and was project leader at West 8 in New York and Rotterdam from 2007 until 2012. Other recently published essays include Counterpoint: The Musical Analogy, Periodicity and Rural Urban Dynamics (Taylor & Francis 2015, forthcoming), Waking Leviathan (TU Delft/Harvard 2015, forthcoming), Design Analysis (w/ D.Jauslin, Taylor & Francis 2014), On Earth (w/ J.M.Ledgard, Topos 2014), and Hidden Rivers (SUR University of Tokyo 2014).


Terra Firma:
the narrative of soils