Carmel Keren

Carmel Keren is an architecturally trained urban designer and researcher. She graduated from the Glasgow School of Art before completing her masters of architecture at the Royal College of Art, London. Her master’s thesis explored Google Street View as a device for encountering the city, using story writing to investigate its potentialities and limitations and to explore our ability to architecturally engage with places remotely. Professionally, Carmel has worked on large-scale masterplan projects across London and beyond, as well as on small-scale urban interventions, primarily within her role as an urban designer at Fletcher Priest Architects. She has also collaborated on a mix of research and small-scale build projects with MUF art/architecture (London), Collective architecture (Glasgow) and Meeting of Design Students (Lisbon). Her interests lie in investigating how city-makers can champion and empower citizens, with a focus on young people.


Making Space For and With Young People


Nauru: A digital voyage
The island of Nauru, as seen and unseen through the gaze of Google Street View